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Trying On Blue Apron

"Originally worn by apprentice chefs in France,

the Blue Apron has become a symbol of lifelong learning in cooking."


Cooking intimidates me. Don't get me wrong, I come from a family of great cooks and I think I may have picked up a few skills from them, but not enough to leave me alone in a kitchen confident to try and whip up something new. I do not go beyond the very basic ingredients that I grew up with in the Philippines. 

With a little boost from friends and family, I am slowly learning my way around the kitchen but not much around Whole Foods or Sprouts (some of the groceries I visit for healthier options). I would find a good slice of Cod or Hake in the grocery but I would not know what to do with it. I just don't have that all figured out just yet. 

One day I came across Blue Apron on Facebook and I got curious. I was curious enough to email them and ask about their offerings. Blue Apron introduces a fun, easy, and healthy way to learn how to cook. Did I mention convenient? Yes, it is ver convenient. Blue Apron offers it's customers a variety of healthy meals that are easy to cook but super delicious. I was corresponding with Cara from Blue Apron and she asked me my choice of meat for me to try out Blue Apron. I mentioned to her that I wanted to stay on the healthier side, I rarely fry food and rarely cook with sodium. She did tell me that Blue Apron is all about fresh and healthy ingredients. I was up for an adventure, I thought to myself.

Fresh and healthy  are not often tagged with the words fun, yummy, and easy. But I kept my mind open. Two weeks after my correspondence with Cara I found a box of goodies from Blue Apron waiting for me at my doorstep. 

Forbidden rice? Couscous? Fennel bulb? Sure. What was I thinking. We never had those in my mother's fridge. After slightly freaking out for a minute I did notice how everything was nicely packed with proper freezing and insulation. Good job Blue Apron. I unraveled the box and discovered they had sent me three dishes to try (serves 2 per dish).  

Boy did those pictures made me feel unsure of myself. At the back of these cards were the step by step guide from preparing the ingredients to plating them. Total of six steps. Unfortunately I cannot share with you the steps or ingredients for these recipes (because you do buy the recipes apart from the ingredients when you order/subscribe to Blue Apron). I worked my way up. 

I started with the Chicken Supremes & Broccolini recipe. 

Yes, I struggle with the art of plating food (and frosting when I bake). This serves two but with the way I eat this is can easily serve three. I plated it family style this first time I tried it so please forgive me but I think it's okay. You do not see the roasted nuts on my brocollini because I burned them Yes, I was multi-tasking in the kitchen. A sad and lame excuse, I know. It will not happen again. Taste? I used the serving provided by Blue Apron for each recipe. The next time I recreate this dish I would ease up on the dijon mustard. That's my personal preference but overall this is a elicits meal even my 4 year old boy enjoyed. Broccolini was not too scary for him.

The next day I was ready to have a taste of Morocco. 

Whoops.. I forgot the couscous. 

That's better. This recipe could easily serve three and a half (kid) people. It was very tasty and aromatic. It has the protein and vegetables that my son and I needed. Couscous, I thought, would not appeal to my tastebuds as much as rice but I am delighted to have it again. In fact, I will make this dish again this week. 

Then there was Hake. Oh do I struggle with fish. I am a picky fish eater. I want this to taste good. Fingers crossed.

Yes, I made that. I could not believe myself so much. I even plated it right. Grape vinaigrette? I would never come up with that myself. This was my favorite dish out of the three that I tried. Makes me want to have a glass of Chardonnay just looking at this photo. I enjoyed every bite of it. Did I mention I enjoyed cooking it as well? 

As I worked my way to the third dish I picked up a few tricks/tips. Having an easy to follow recipe that promises a healthy and tasty dish certainly made me feel better about cooking. Trying out new dishes is a struggle for me but it isn't anymore because companies like Blue Apron have it all laid out for women like me. Great thing about Blue Apron is that they deliver your ingredients to you and they're all fresh and organic. They make new recipes all the time. It's pretty amazing and exciting to see what they come up with every month. It's like adding to my personal "cooking portfolio" whenever I try a to make a Blue Apron dish. 

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and if you want to have a special night in I suggest you go the Blue Apron route. It costs about $9.99 per meal and you have a wide variety of recipes to choose from. 

Happy cooking!   =) 

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