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On Mothers: Saying It One Last Time

On Mothers: Saying It One Last Time

Every day that goes by I find myself sounding like an iTunes song on repeat when it comes to “disciplining” my son. I never really noticed how much mothers sound alike not until I heard my co-moms say the same line I use on my son on their own little angels: “…don’t make me say it one more time…”  We all have different versions of it. We use it everyday. I think it’s a little silly and funny how we ask our kids to not let us “say it one more time” but it is, more often than not, our go-to line over and over again. I guess it’s never too early to teach kids about irony. It comes in different versions but not limited to the ones I’ve highlighted below:


·      Lucas, don’t make me say it one more time.

o   But we know we will say it again after that right? A couple more times actually, depending on the manner of delivery of the line. Stern voice with serious poker face or distracted focused on your laptop online shopping type of delivery.


·      I don’t want to repeat myself Lucas.

o   “Yes, please don’t” is probably what our kids are thinking but they know what’s coming now right? You will repeat yourself or make them repeat what you said.


·      Lucas, this is the last time I’m telling you…

o   Ever heard the song The Last Time by Snow Patrol featuring Taylor Swift? Please listen to it.


·      Please do what I said, don’t make me say it again.

o   Do we really need to make them think it’s their fault we say it over and over again? I love how we put the blame on them with this line.


·      Lucas, what did I just say?

o   My son just answered “yes mom” to this line the other day. Almost drove me nuts but then I laughed and told him he was being silly. He is 4 years old and had no idea why I was laughing but he laughed with me. After that, I got him to take a bath. Win!


In the end we are mothers and we will want to always remind our children (more than regularly) on the different lessons we want to instill in them. I am learning now that it is easier if I just laugh with my boy when I can. This is possible most of the time if we pause and take the time to do so.  And when he tries to negotiate I let him, but not always. Especially when they’re toddlers. So cute when they negotiate with us. I want to be his friend but mother first. So yes, he has to eat healthy meals, but I’m okay with him to have some chocolates and other treats as long as he’s got his healthy meals in. He does his workbooks for writing and math but I let him play with his iPad and Lego afterwards.


Those moms that look like “Super Moms” really aren’t. The secret is that they learn how to let go and try not to control everything, because as mothers we kind of want to make sure EVERYTHING goes our way; The “Super Moms” also know how to get around and control things when they can like wearing comfortable ballet flats instead of your YSL Tribute sandals for a day out with the kids. (They stopped making those YSL Tribute Sandals already since YSL is now just… SL)  All we can really do is grow with our children. Learn with them as days go by. It can be very challenging and it will test our patience. Hang in there. We all go through it. Our own mothers still go through it with us. 

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