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Brow Haus

One of the best beauty decisions I've made is to get my brows done. To most girls it's getting it trimmed, threaded, or waxed the excess brow hair they have. I've avoided plucking my eyebrows to save what I have. I have thin brows and this leaves me looking pale if I do not do a touch up. Sure there are eyebrow pencils and other make-up products that I used to enhance my brows but what I've always wanted is to be able to go out without make up on. No matter how skilled one is in penciling in their eyebrows you still will have to add a little blush or mascara and gloss so that everything goes together. It looked odd for me to just pencil in my brows and nothing else. I can go on with all the things that used to bother me (for years) with my eyebrows (or the scarcity of it) but let me stop it right here and tell you what I did about it. 

I visited Brow Haus in New York (located in SoHo) as I've known from a friend of mine back home that she had her eyebrows tattooed in Brow Haus Manila. She had given me tips on what to watch out for when explaining to the artist (brow artisan as I would like to call them) how I want my eyebrows to look like in terms of arch, shape, shade, and thickness. So I was eager to go in for a FREE CONSULTATION in Brow Haus New York. During the consultation they don't just talk to you and show you pictures after you have described to them what your dream brows looked like. They sit you down and "draw" it for you...on you. Talk about visualizing your goal, I was sold after that consultation that I scheduled my Brow Resurrection appointment with them. It's good to note that they use organic dyes and high grade tools manufactured especially for Brow Haus. For more information on Brow Ressurection you may check out their FAQs by going to

My artisan was patient enough with me that she let me take some photos while she was resurrecting my eyebrows. Let me share them here and leave notes per photo so I can give you a good idea how the procedure was and how it looks right after the procedure and after it has healed.  

Please click on the image below for a slideshow of photos. 



Currently, Brow Haus only has one branch in the US and that is the one in SoHo, New York. It is definitely worth a visit if you're in the city for a consultation. It's been over a year now and I am due for a touch up but now that I live in California I am hoping that they open one branch here soon. Or even a pop-up Brow Haus for the holidays. 

How much did it cost to get my brows resurrected? I had to shell out $900.00 for it but worth every dollar. Price varies depending on how much "resurrecting" they need to do on your brows. Touch-ups are usually $150.00 las time I checked but it is best you call Brow Haus and get more information with regards to pricing and scheduling. 

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