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Lessons Learned: Grocery Shopping

A good day at the grocery is not as simple as making a list anymore and sticking to that list. I've picked up a few tips and tricks based on my personal experience the past few months of doing my own grocery shopping. Here goes.. 

1) Make a list. A very basic list of what you really need. Leave at least five blank spaces after your last item. In that way you have already accepted the fact that you will buy more than what is on that list.  =) 

2) Have a meal before going to the grocery. If you go there hungry or almost hungry everything will look good and delicious to you especially in the freezer and bakery section. Not a good idea. Most of my bloated weight gain battles were caused by this. 

3) Go to the grocery on a weekday. Better yet, ask the butcher in the meat section when they get their fresh deliveries and go that day at noon (after you have lunch as mentioned in item number 2). I get the freshest fruits and items are all newly stocked every Wednesday at my local grocery. Why not go first thing in the morning? Simply because they are still unloading and fixing their items.  

4) If your local grocery guy tells you their crabs or clams are on sale (because they over ordered it) most of the time it's because they need to get rid of it. Do not buy it. Remember, stick to the list and go on the fresh delivery day. Not the day before that.  

5) Go weekly. Back in the Philippines I would go twice a month and stock up. Bad idea. More food goes to waste. More junk food get eaten. 

6) Research what "Gluten Free" really means before you start stocking up on all "Gluten Free" products raking your grocery bill with not much knowledge as to why. In short, know what you're buying. I know organic, natural, low fat, sodium free, fat free. I am still working on my gluten free stuff. I can use some tips on that.  

7) I finally got my son off of red hotdogs! Thank goodness! But we both found a new favorite alternative. Organic turkey meat hotdog with apples. I know it does not sound yummy but trust me it is. Next time you're at a healthy friend's house make sure it's during meal time. Hahaha! I always make it a point to pick up something healthy from them that they eat or feed their kids. In short, try new things. Healthier options. Even if it means inviting yourself to lunch over at your gluten free friend's home.  

8) Shop alone when you can. No husbands or kids as much as possible. 

9) If you follow number 8 then make sure to always bring something home for the kids and the husband. Go, "Hi baby. I got your Mint Brownie ice cream. It's in the car" as you walk in with the groceries. That way they have their treat for the week (something they truly love and cannot live without) and you have them helping you unloading the grocery bags. But surely no need to bribe them with candies or ice cream to help.  =)  

I am sure I will discover more as I do more grocery shopping. Share your tips or observations when you do your own grocery shopping. Cheers! 




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