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It's me! Angelika! I know it says Angelicopter on the website but that was my radio name back when I was a co-host for a morning drive radio show in the Philippines. Hence, my social media accounts have the same name.  Why it transformed into "Angelicopter" is a long story that will bore you. I promise. 

Currently living in the US, I have fancied myself a website where I can share some interesting finds that I come across daily. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram sometimes is just not enough. I love sharing and talking about things I am passionate about or find really interesting (and sometimes intriguing). 

As a single mother of a 4 year old boy there is just not enough room to be dainty, which is why I decided to give this website a go at it. I cherish every moment I share with my son as we take on a new adventure in life. We are quite a pair of dorks you see. You'll meet my son, Lucas, and learn about our adventures together. 

Thank you for visiting my site and if you would like to reach me please email me at