Lean, toned, long, and dainty.  Ballerinas have one of the most coveted healthy bodies an average woman can aspire to have. Unless you're aspiring to be a Prima Ballerina you are most likely not enrolled in a dance academy right now. You may have tried Pilates and Barre programs to get that ballerina body you want but not quite the experience you would hope for. 

No time and a little intimidated in enrolling yourself in a dance academy or the neighborhood's dance studio?  Ballet Beautiful gives you an opportunity to take live ballet classes from home. No excuses. Nope. Not even pregnancy can stop you from perfecting your port de bra and grand batma.  

Yes, this is that ballet work  out VS model and mommy Miranda Kerr herself have been doing from her own living room (check out her instagram account @mirandakerr). 


For more information for online live class schedules, instructors, and fees visit www.balletbeautiful.com