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Is Cardinal Red the new black?

I love this part of my website as I can shoos to answer questions sent to my email that I like and/or feel passionately about. 

I;ve been raving about Tieks ballet flats for months now and I am very happy whenever I get Tweets or emails saying that they love Tieks. Even more exciting is when I get emails asking my opinion on what Tieks they should get. I just love being part of the "purchasing" process. Really makes me happy. So to "Heyojude" who recently sent me an email asking about Tieks, thank you. 

Let me tell you what I shared with Heyojude plus more.

First thing's first: Do not get black Tieks for your first pair of Tieks ballet flats.

Now that I have that covered let's talk Cardinal Red.

I have a pair of Cardinal Red and I wear it with anything. Of course my "anything" is not your "anything" as we may have varying closet color composition. Did I confuse you?  What I am trying to say is that my clothes are in neutral tones. I have been inclined to wear classic neutral colors and pair them with my favorite shoes. Lately it's been my Tieks Cardinal Red especially after a whole week of high heels at work. Tieks are my second favorite flats (Fratelli Rossetti Oxfords are my number one). 

If you're like me and have neutral colors in your closet then yes, it may be safe to say that Cardinal Red can easily match anything. I rarely accessorize. I love shoes (first) and bags (second). So I take my time in picking my shoes. It's my "accessory" that completes my outfit, so to speak. I like it when I get compliments on my footwear more than my outfit. So I like my shoes to pop or stand out a little bit but not go all Jeffrey Campbell on it.  

If you're the opposite of me then I recommend the Coral, Nude, Ballerina Pink, and Camel for your first pair of Tieks. It may be easier to match it with your more adventurous style. 

I am also inclined to recommend the California Navy if you're the "jeans and shirt" type of gal. I'm not but perhaps I can get it next time just because I think it would look really nice with jeans and red plaid polo. 

Heyojude also asked me if Tieks stay true to size. So far in my experience, I wear a size 8 to 8.5 and got a size 8 from Tieks. It fits my feet perfectly and I love them. Is it only now that I said that? I love my Tieks. You can check their size chart and if you're unsure please ask Tieks. They have Twitter and Instagram accounts also you can follow if you want to be updated with their new stocks.

I think they may already be making Tieks for little girls.   =)    

Are you still happy with your breasts?