I came across A 1000 Kisses last year on Mother's day during my morning coffee run at the Upper West Side of New York City. It was a beautiful spring weekend market on the street where good finds like the branch bracelet featured below are worth sharing and purchasing. Lori Perez, New York local jewelry maker, was not kidding when she said her brass bracelets were sustainable. I have had mine for over a year now, washed plenty of dishes with it and I love how it still looks great. My regret is that I only got one. This beauty right here adds that simple tough of style to any wardrobe. Looks even better when you wear more than one of it or with your favorite bangle. 

It is a great gift to for yourself or a loved one and will only cost you $95.00. Keep in mind, it is sustainable and a pretty piece of jewelry. 


A Thousand Kisses can be found online through their Etsy store.